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"आयुः कामयमानेन धमार्थसुखसाधनम्। आयुर्वेदोपदेशेषु विधेयः परमादरः"।।

Let's make world healthy through Ayurveda

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Welcome to Chandogya Ayurvedics And Panchkarma Center

Our main aim is to make healthy world through Ayurveda and in Chandogya Ayurvedics we blend the Ayurveda to cure the diseases through Ayurvedic Treatements and Medicines.

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Overview of Treatments

There is a saying "Five fingers of our hand are not similar" that's how, same or different diseases changes from person to person so the medicines/treatments varies from person to person and also the main intention of Ayurveda is to cure the diseases based on patients conditions.

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